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The objectives of the Institute are to conduct study and research concerning various domestic and overseas issues and to collect and supply information for the purpose of promoting appropriate protection and international harmonization of the intellectual property and thereby contributing to the development of the industry and economy of Japan.


1. Research and Study of Intellectual Property

The issues of intellectual property bear closely upon all industrial activities and are very versatile and multifarious in nature. It is required that comprehensive research study will be carried out on various problems such as protection of intellectual property in the area of advanced technologies where extensive development efforts are being made and protection of software, from an international point of view.

2. Publication of Materials on Intellectual Property

Information on the law systems, judicial precedents papers, patent statistics and so forth. With respect to intellectual property are very versatile, wide-ranging and highly international in nature. With the heightened recognition of the importance of intellectual property in recent years, there is now a strong and growing demand for such information. IIP makes the database for the information and open it through the internet, and the intellectual property information collected through IIP research activities will be made available in the reports and be published as "Chizaiken Forum" (Quarterly magazine) and "IIP Bulletin" ( Japanese and English), and furthermore IIP holds the meeting to provide to public with the result of Institute's research.

3. Hosting of Symposiums and Seminars

The Institute hosts international symposiums and seminars on intellectual property. Both foreign and domestic notable scholars and professionals will be invited to take part for an active exchange of views and opinions regarding the problems of intellectual property.

4. Promotion of Exchanges with Domestic and Overseas Organizations

To improve the efficiency and accuracy of its research activities focusing on the problems of intellectual property, the Institute will take positive action to promote exchanges with both the domestic and overseas organizations and associations concerned.

5. International Collaboration on Intellectual Property

Scholars and professionals will be invited from both developed countries and developed countries to research on intellectual properties at the Institute. Their results will be offered to the public through its reports and its seminars.

Japanese promising scholars will be sent to foreign universities and institutes to research on intellectual properties and their results will be offered to the public through its reports.