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IIP Patent Database

   The Institute of Intellectual Property Patent Database (IIP-DB) was developed based on the Japan Patent Office (JPO) standardized data (Seiri Hyojunka data, in Japanese), which is patent process information disclosed by the JPO. Since 2005, the IIP has made the database available to help enhance the research infrastructure for patent statistics. The use of the IIP-DB is restricted to only academic research; it cannot be used for commercial purposes. To employ this database, the user agreement on the next page must be read and agreed to by the user.

List of Data Tables

   The IIP-DB was constructed based on the JPO’s standardized data released at the end of the fiscal year 2013 (March 2014). It consists of the following five data tables in tab-delimited text format. Each file is distributed as a zipped file to decrease download time.

  • (1) Application
  • (2) Applicant
  • (3) Inventor
  • (4) Rights Holder
  • (5) Citation

For More Detailed Information

Please refer to the following documents when you employ the IIP-DB.

  • User's manual
  • ・Akira Goto, Kazuyuki Motohashi, “Construction of a Japanese Patent Database and a First Look at Japanese Patenting Activities,” Research Policy, Vol. 36, Issue 9, November 2007, pp. 1431-1442 (an earlier working-paper version is available here).

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※If you discover any problem with the IIP patent DB, please inform by e-mail support@iip.or.jp