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Overview of Japanese Trademark Law

Title Overview of Japanese Trademark Law
2nd ed.
Author Dr. Shoen Ono
Publisher Yuhikaku
Date 1999.12
PART 1 Introduction
 CH.1 Introductory Statements (528KB)
 CH.2 The History and Development of Trademark Law (243KB)
 CH.3 The Concept of the Trademark Law (39KB)
 CH.4 Systematic Position of the Trademark Law (123KB)
PART 2 Substantive Trademark Law
 CH.5 Establishment of Trademark Rights (711KB)
 CH.6 Ownership of Trademark Rights (87KB)
 CH.7 Effects of Trademarks (1,373KB)
 CH.8 Disposal of Trademark Rights
(Transfer of Trademark Rights) (51KB)
 CH.9 Term and Extinguishment of Trademark Rights (141KB)
PART 3 Procedural Aspect of Trademark Law
 CH.10 Overview (312KB)
 CH.11 Application for Trademark Registration (519KB)
 CH.12 Examination (177KB)
 CH.13 Trials (612KB)
 CH.14 Litigation (140KB)
Literature (46KB)
Note: The Japanese original, "Overview of Japanese Trademark Law", 2nd ed., by Dr. Shoen Ono, was published on ecember 25, 1999. Accordingly, any revision of laws/regulations and court decisions made after the date of publication are utside the scope of this English version.

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