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平成29年度招へい研究者 研究成果報告会


日 時 平成30年2月1日(木)15:00-17:00
(14:30受付開始・開場 これ以前には入場できない場合があります。)
会 場 一般財団法人知的財産研究教育財団 知的財産研究所 5階会議室 (地図
東京都千代田区神田錦町三丁目11番地 精興竹橋共同ビル 5階
          東京メトロ東西線 竹橋駅(3b出口)より徒歩5分
          東京メトロ東西線 竹橋駅(1b出口)より徒歩4分
          都営三田線 神保町駅(A9出口)より徒歩3分
参加費 無料
定 員 60名 (先着順)  
14:30 受付開始
15:00 開会・主催者挨拶
15:05-16:35 "A Comparative Study on Patent Infringement Types and Court Judgements in United States, Japan, and Taiwan"
『米国、日本、台湾における特許権侵害のタイプと裁判判決の比較研究 (仮訳)』

Kao Chien-Chung (カオ・チェンチュン)招へい研究者
16:35-17:00 質疑応答
17:00 閉会


“ A Comparative Study on Patent Infringement Types and Court Judgements in United States, Japan, and Taiwan “
『米国、日本、台湾における特許権侵害のタイプと裁判判決の比較研究 (仮訳)』

Kao Chien-Chung (カオ・チェンチュン)招へい研究者


A person directly infringes a patent by making, using, offering to sell, selling, or importing any patented invention, without authority, during the term of the patent. Judging whether directly infringing or not usually depends on “all elements rule” or “doctrine of equivalence”. Unlike direct infringement, in the case where one or few elements are absent in an allegedly infringing device, however, the device increases the possibility of the infringement which could lead to indirect infringement. The United States and Japan have addressed indirect infringement for decades, including different requirements further codified in their respective statute laws. On the contrary, there is a lack of clear statutory language addressing indirect infringement in Taiwan patent law. This research will compare and analyze the differences between Japan, United States and Taiwan’s court judgments and patent laws about direct and indirect patent infringements, especially focusing on the relationships between direct and indirect patent infringements, defendant’s subjective requirements, infringement types, infringement objects, exclusions of infringement objects, etc. The necessity of adopting indirect infringement into Taiwan Patent Act and the advices will also be covered in this research.

【概要】 (仮訳)